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Paul Reed Smith (someday??)

OK - I admit it - I've got G.A.S. (Guitar Acquisition Synndrome)

I've hung on to every guitar I've owned - although I *think* I may downsize my "collection" at some point.  Here the general chronology: (Pics are of similar - but not my guitars)

~1984  Peavey Horizon II (Strat-copy) - added some better pickups - great action & sustain - my No. 2 axe & most recording "work" with this one

~ 1985 Gibson SG w/ Bigsby Tremolo (later replaced by Washburn Wonderbar)

~ 1986 Fender Stratocaster 1962 Reissue - my favorite axe!

~ 1995 Erlewine Lazer - Same as Johnny Winter plays!  Takes a bit of getting used to (headless) - but fun & great tone when cranked!

~ 1996 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean - picked this beauty up from a "friend of a friend" - needs to get the electricals cleaned up - but the body & finish is mint!