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bulletPets - Cats / Dogs - four legged & furry stress relievers that are always underfoot
bulletPC Related - Hardware, software, drivers, etc.  I like to build my own PC, so here's where I find what I'm looking for
bulletFlight Simulation - A favorite hobby, especially when the weather is lousy  ;-)
bulletHome & Garden - Even though it is work - it is an escape from the *daily grind* and satisfying in it's own way
bulletWood working / Home Improvement - when you live in a 200+ year old house - you have to learn fast which is the "business end" of a hammer....
bulletTractor - When not "flying" the virtual skies - you'll find me tooling around the yard on my 24 Hp compact tractor
bulletMusic - I've been playing guitar @ 20 years - got the *bug* after hearing Stevie Ray Vaughans' "Couldn't Stand the Weather" - now I'm making some of my own music (time permitting...)
bulletWeb Favorites - My favorite stops on the web..
bulleteStrange - Other places I stop by...sometimes....other times I flee!

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