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Everyone has their own opinion / favorites - for me Stevie Ray Vaughan was the most powerful guitarist I've ever seen.  By powerful - I mean in a emotional - as well as melodic - and not to forget LOUD - sense.  He let it all hang out on stage - raw but beautiful.

I was fortunate to have seen Stevie live four time through the mid-late 1980's - but my first experience will always be the most special for me:  just gaining mainstream popularity in the mid-80's - he played Bostons' Orpheum Theater - I had a front-row balcony seat.

I was blown away not only by what I call the "wall of sound" (music - not noise!  But it was loud as heck too!) coming from a power-trio (just Stevie and Double Trouble at the time).  Stevie & DT nailed  a Hendrix Voodoo Chile cover - and then kept going!  I couldn't believe how Stevie treated his '59 SRV Strat - bouncing and dragging around the stage by the cord!