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Frugal's Forum Cockpit Building

Beta Innovations


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PI Engineering    (X-Keys programmable interface)




For some people, a joystick / HOTAS controller setup is simply not enough!  For these people (I am just beginning to "dabble") who want the ULTIMATE in immersion in the virtual flight experience - a working cockpit is the only solution!

Click on the links at left to see some amazing home-built "cockpits" - and PC In-/Out-put interfaces such as the flexible "X-Keys" keyboard simulator - which lets you program a mechanical switch to send keyboard "keystrokes" - to higher end I/O hardware like the Beta Innovations and EPIC for full-blown interactive cockpit simulations.

Below - you can follow my (slow!) development of my own home cockpit.  I am basing it largely on an F-16, since I have the F-16 replica Cougar - and I enjoy F4 Falcon immensely.


Danz Cockpit Development