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CougarWorld [dead link  :-(  ]

"Hang It Up":  KatRack

I have some pictures of my cougar disassembled while modifying the speed brake switch, as well as during the modification to the "U2" gimbals
bulletCougar Wiring Schematics
bulletEveryone should do this:  Throttle Pics / Speed Brake Mod        (>>> Directions here)
bullet When * something * leaves to be desired:  CougarWorld Mods & Tweaks
bulletWhere it starts:  Standard Gimbals
bulletHall Sensors replace stock potentiometers
bulletÜber Gimbal Modifcation
bulletU2 Gimbal Replacement
bulletU2 Development (IJ's Development Pics)

How do you  keep your Cougar * firmly * in place?