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PC Hardware

These are but a sample of excellent information sources available on the web.  Some also provide in-depth reviews / comparisons of PC hardware (ex video cards, cpu's, etc.)

bulletBest selection - great deals - super site
bulletWhere I go to find the best prices (in my opinion) on PC hardware when you know exactly what you want
bulletSharky Extreme
bulletReview on PC hardware - check out the "Guides" for building performance PC's on a budget (or go to the "Extreme Guide" if you want a serious kit! )
bulletTom's Hardware Guide
bulletNews on the latest in PC / IT happenings.  Generally fair / even reviews of new hardware.  Lot's of good "how to" articles on home PC building / tweaking.
bullet HardwareCentral
bulletLike Tom's, a very informative, wide-ranging review of essentially everything out there.
bulletSysOpt - HW Reviews & Info
bullet[H]ard|OCP - Lots of hardware reviews - in-depth but with a sense of humor as well