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    I prefer to specify, purchase and install the hardware components of my PC personally - mostly because I hate the never-ending "Chase the cutting edge" upgrade game, but also due to a disappointing customer service experience with my first (and only!) store-bought PC system.

    I tend to look for hardware that is not only "feature rich" but also flexibile in terms of forward compatible components.  However, I also don't mind having "yesterdays' technology" - as long as it kicks a$$ over what I was previously running - so I typically don't buy the "latest and greatest" - rather I buy what "was" the latest and greatest @ 6- 8 months prior - that way I save a considerable amount too!  Call me a "modder on a budget"...  ;-)

    I find the sites listed here are excellent resources for *generally unbiased* hardware reviews, latest IT tech news, and otherwise interesting news on the development front of personal and *gaming* computers.

My System Specs (Ok, OK - I haven't upgraded for awhile...but she does just fine!  Well...Doom3 & FarCry could use some more video-horsepower - I'm sure they wouldn't complain about a peppier CPU either...)  I am beginning to dream about one of those sexy new dual-core, hyper-threaded CPUs - coupled with a pair of monster PCIe video cards in SLI...