Up MMM - Removal MMM Blades

Kubota B7610 - 54" MMM Installation / Removal

I find the tractor quite maneuverable for it's size (compared with my old 12 hp, non- power steering equipped, 38" Sears riding "tractor") - the only challenge is *wrestling* the mower deck in- / out- from under the tractor.

While I had been using the FEL to raise the front wheels several inches - the mower decks' front guide wheel columns still are a tight fit past the front wheels.  After reading a post on TractorByNet - I got to thinking: "what if I can raise the front wheels higher?"  A 4' long piece of 8" x 8" beam does just the trick - MMM deck slides under in seconds! 

If you try this - make sure to lower front wheels ASAP - I only raise the wheel so install / remove the mower deck - then right back down.   I also stand this beam *on-end* to block the FEL while I make the front link hook up.