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Kubota B7610 - 54" MMM Mowing

While hard to picture without seeing it firsthand - I am really quite satisfied with the grass-cutting / mowing finish that my Kubota gives.  I honestly expected more "striping" (ie high spots due to weight of tractor flattening grass) - but I think the power / suction of the MMM is much greater than my old Craftsman riding mower - so that the grass is "stood up" again prior to cutting.

I hope these pictures give a sense of the quality / finish of the final cut (note: these pics were taken during the "first mow of 2005" - so lawn still "recovering from winter").  Also note that: A) even though tractor has Industrial / R4 tires - lawn remains largely unaffected and B) my lawns are not "manicured" - in other words they are not "putting greens" - so Mother Nature decides what is going to grow.  ;-)


Lawn before 1st mow of 2005 (Soccer ball for scale)