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Update Log:   

20100611:    Added Cougar Wiring Schematic page / some notes about the demise of FrugalsWorld

20080415:    Updates to Flightsim & cockpits pages...I'm still alive!

20070313:    Updated my FlightSim\Cockpit pages - added a few dog pics

20060629:    Added many missing navigation links.  Fixed a few dead / incorrect weblinks

20060610:    Added Webmail link (so I'll never forget the silly address!)

20060510:    Changed welcome page link to HTML / added PET pages

20060321:    Added eStrange page / links

20060214:    Added navigation bars to all pages / added Flight Simulator / Cockpit versions and Master Pilot pages

20050429:    New home at Powweb / new website - woohoo!

20041011:  1) Removed Uber 2 Instructions 2) added 3 PH tractor photos 3) updated PC specs

20031230:    1) Reformatted Cougar HOTAS picture gallery; 2) Added this Update Log

20031025:    Updated the "About Me" section - posted pics of repair / remodel of my homes' side entrance - very satisfying and enlightening!

There was more before....but not much!