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I have several areas of interest that I frequent on the web - Here are some of my favorite sites

bulletNot for the squeamish - some of the strangest as well as disturbing images the web has to offer.
bulletThe Museum of Unnatural History
bulletI don't think you find this stuff in the Smithsonian...
bulletRen & Stimpy
bulletThe godfather of all cartoon weirdom AFAIK.... you iiiiiiiidddiiiiiiiooooottttttt!!!!
bulletThe Darwin Awards
bulletJust broke up from a long-term relationship?  Life can't possibly get any worse?  Oh yes it can - Oh yes it can!  Read all about brain-deficient co-passengers on this lovely spaceship Earth.....luckily these ones won't be adding any more to the gene pool.
bulletPost Crap
bulletLots of crap... post away!
bulletMore stupid human tricks etc - fun, time-wasting site

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