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Kubota B7610 - 3 Point Hitch: Forks / Rear Hydraulics

I opted to have an additional hydraulic control valve mounted with rear disconnects.  My plans were:  3PH forks tilt; dump trailer; log splitter; grapple bucket.

We have found wood pellets are an economical and effective method of supplementing our heating requirements.  To that end - we go through @ 8- 9 tons (50 x 40# sacks / ton) per winter.

Since the B7610 - 3PH can only lift @ 1100 lbs.  I cut the pallets in half, and restack (whew!) 16 - 17 sacks / half-pallet.  These I then can move around with the frame I welded together for some forks I found on eBay.

All this wouldn't be possible without a welder - I picked up a "dinosaur" in a Lincoln Idealarc TM 400-400 - but the guy who sold it to me said it'll never die - I believe it!

Here the 3 Point Fork Development