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B7610 Pictures:

B7610 *Cockpit*

LA352 Front End Loader (FEL)

Mid-Mount Mower: Install / Remove

- Blades / Greasing

Grass Cut / Finish

Misc. Work

Big Machine Work

Rear Hydraulics

3 Point Forks



After evaluating our needs carefully, and visiting several local tractor dealers, we selected a 24 hp Kubota B7610 as the *best fit* for our needs.

Our ca. 1987  Sears Craftsman 38" mower was really starting to show it's age - that coupled with our own *advancing years*  ;-)  led us to look at Compact Utility Tractors (or CUTs) instead.

Our needs are primarily:

- Replace aging mower (+ larger mower saves mowing time!)

- Move wood pellets / cordwood for heating

- Light landscaping including stump & rock removal (those good old New England stone walls had to come from somewhere!)