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While I have dreamed of getting a backhoe attachment - realistically I don't have enough work to justify the expense.  Having said that - I have rented the same John Deere 4700 TLB (tractor-loader-backhoe) several times in the past several years - and have come to realize that even if I had a BH for my B7610 - I still would NOT have been able to accomplish some tasks that this larger piece of equipment can handle.

I will say - however - that after now two years of owning the B7610 with hydrostatic transmission - I find it vastly superior than the slick "Forward / Reverse" shifter found on this particular JD model.  Especially when it comes to smoothing out the gravel driveway shown in the pics - this was done with the JD - but I went back later with my 'Bota and made it smoother.