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Kubota B7610 - LA352 Front End Loader (FEL)

I think the LA352 / B7610 offered me the best "power per dollar" ratio when I was purchasing.  The FEL has done everything I expected it to - and even some things I didn't expect (see rock moving!)  I also can move some fairly big logs - in the *logging* example - parts of a big maple that had to be removed in front of my house.

I find the FEL is the simplest attachment I own to remove an re-attach - perhaps some other brands offer something *faster* - but I can't imagine it really makes all that amount of difference - for me it's less than 5 minutes on / off.

Detail Pics:       FEL Bucket Hooks      FEL Control Valves

FEL at Work:    Rock Moving        Logging        Leaf Pickup